Premium Brand V Belt SPB2264 (External length 2286mm)

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Bearingtech are a leading online V belt supplier. Wedge Belts are also known as Vee belts. V Belts are an industrial belt often used as machine belts and are typically driven between two pulleys and are used for transmitting power on all types of industrial and domestic equipment. One of the more common uses for these drive belts is driving conveyors, which are often referred to as conveyor belts.

Bearingtech also supply Z, A, B, C, D and E section classical V belts as well as SPA, SPB, SPC, and SPZ. We also supply cogged or toothed belts.

Bearingtech prides itself on being one of the largest V Belt / Vee Belt / Wedge Belt and drive belt online suppliers or Distributors.

TOP WIDTH (MM) 9.7 12.7 16.3
THICKNESS (MM) 8 10 13

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