Thrust Bearing

A Thrust bearingis a particular type Bearing which as with other bearings permits or facilitates minimal friction rotation between moving parts. Thrust bearings are designed to support a predominantly axial load. There are variants within the category of thrust bearings that are inclusive of Thrust ball bearings meaning the friction limiting component of this bearing is Balls, this has pros and cons, making them more suitable to certain tasks, Ball thrust bearings are better at dealing with differing radial speeds but canât take a large load capacity.

Cylindrical thrust bearing conversely, can deal very well with large capacity loads but wear quickly and donât deal as well with differing radial speeds.

Tapered roller thrust bearings are different again in that they are typically used in pairs and are able to accommodate axial thrust forces bi-directionally whilst simultaneously dealing with radial loads. Tapered Roller Bearings generally come in two parts - the cone (consisting of the inner ring and roller cage assembly) and the cup (outer ring). The Part Number for these bearings is comprised of the 'Cone Reference / Cup Reference'. These two parts can be mounted separately.

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