Kevlar Mower Belts

Bearingtech offer a number of high quality Kevlar V belts specifically designed for mower applications. These belts are stronger with great ability to with stand tensile rotating forces. They are able to be used for the Deck the blade and as the drive belt.

The 3L series Kevlar V belts are equivalent in section the the Z section V belts with a 10mm top cross section and 6mm depth form the widest to narrowest point of the belt

The 4L Series Kevlar V Belts are equivalent to the A Section V belts with a 13mm top section and 8mm depth from the widest to the narrowest part of the belt.

The 5L series Kevlar V Belts are Equivalent to the B section V belts with the cross section of the belt measuring 17mm and the depth of the belt measuring 11mm from the widest part to the narrowest.