Dodge ISN Metric P2B-ISN528-125MLR

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Bearingtech is please to offer The Dodge ISN bearing range. This factory lubed, sealed and adjusted bearing is ready to slip straight onto the shaft. The adaptor mount system that dramatically reduces installation time and provides full locking onto the shaft.

The Clockwise rotation of the locknut pushes the tapered adapter sleeve between the shaft and bearing inner race, allowing quick metal to metal contact during initial installation.The Locknut is then further rotated for a pre-determined number of turns, properly reducing bearing clearance. No feeler gauges are used. Lock plate keeps locknut tight for dependable shaft attachment. The Integral locknut-inner race design allows efficient removal of the sleeve from the bearing assembly via counter clockwise rotation of the locknut. All dodge bearings are fitted with spherical roller bearings and completely interchangeable with SN Plummer block bearing housings.Bearings are also available in Expansion or Non-Expansion

Sizes Available

ISN Metric Bearings are available from:  30mm to 125mm

ISN Imperial Bearings are available from: 1.1/8" to 5"

Available with either Trident or Labyrinth sealing arrangement