Osborn HPCA-90 (96109) Load Runner (90mm diameter, 30mm Bore)

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Yoke rollers have a hole in the middle with a gliding surface surrounding this, and work for applications that require minimal deflection. Because yoke rollers have higher shear strength and eliminate stud deflection the rollers are able with stand heavier loads. 

The HPCA-90 96109

Roller Diameter 90mm
Tolerance +0.00 -0.02
Roller Width 56mm
Thread Width 54mm 
Bore 30mm
Shoulder Diameter 57.2mm
Shoulder Length  1mm
Approx Weight 1.92kg
Radial capacity 3000hrs L10 Life, 100RPM  32870
Radial capacity 500hrs L10 Life, 33-1/3 RPM  78240
Radial Capacity Static Limit 120990
Thrust capacity Static Limit  58270