Metric Slogging Spanner Sizes from 19mm to 150mm

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The slogging spaner / slogging wrench is a short, stocky wrench with a block end to the handle. This is specifically designed for use with a hammer, enabling one to impart great force. The Slogging wrench or also commonly named as: Slogging spanner / Slogging wrench / Striking wrenches / Striking face box wrench / slammer wrench / slugger wrench or hammer wrench. This type of wrench / spanner is designed to be struck to facilitate the removal of nuts and to provide shock and high force used to release large and or stuck nuts and bolts; and when space does not allow room for a large wrench.

Bearingtech offer these slogging spanner / Slogging wrenches in Metric and AF Sizes (Metric 19 mm to 150mm) - (AF 1" to 4.5/8") These wrenches can also be manufactured out of any material including 304 stainless. BearingTech can also manufacture none standard sizes, so please contact us with any of your requirements. email:

Part No Spanner Size Part No Spanner Size
BTFS19 19mm BTFS70 70mm
BTFS24 24mm BTFS75 75mm
BTFS27 27mm BTFS80 80mm
BTFS30 30mm BTFS85 85mm
BTFS32 32mm BTFS90 90mm
BTFS33 33mm BTFS95 95mm
BTFS36 36mm BTFS100 100mm
BTFS38 38mm BTFS105 105mm
BTFS41 41mm BTFS110 110mm
BTFS46 46mm BTFS115 115mm
BTFS50 50mm BTFS120 120mm
BTFS51 51mm BTFS125 125mm
BTFS54 54mm BTFS130 130mm
BTFS55 55mm BTFS135 135mm
BTFS60 60mm BTFS140 140mm
BTFS65 65mm BTFS145 145mm

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