Dunlop 08B-3 BS Triplex Roller Chain (1/2 inch Pitch 5 Meters)

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Roller chains are often used to transmit mechanical power in a plethora of applications from agricultural and industrial machinery to motorbikes and cars, Most people will recognise the look of the chain as it is also used on the everyday house hold bicycles.

This chain is composed of cylindrical rollers fastened together with side links. This chain is then wrapped around a cog or sprocket just as it is on a bike and it in turn then drives the intended machine.

This chain is also available in other tolerances for want of a better term, it is available in Simplex meaning basically on strand of chain, Duplex mean two strands of chain and finally triplex meaning three strands of chain.

Bearingtech offer this chain in a variety of lengths to suit all applications and in a variety of manufacturers. Roller chain comes in two standard British standards (Also European Standard) and in American standard.