14M-HTD Metric Timing Belt Pulleys (Pilot Bored)

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Bearingtech pulleys are manufactured in high quality Steel, Aluminium or cast Iron and machined to close tolerances to ensure concentric running. This ensures that when these pulleys are used they offer accurate synchronisation of speed, efficiency and performance.
Bearingtech offer a large range of Megadyne belts to suit the HTD Belt Sections 3M - 5M - 8M -14M

14M Timing Belt Pulley Metric (Pilot Bored)
28 Tooth
14M Section
To Suite BElt Widths: 40,55,85,115 &170mm

Product Attributes
Boss Dia 13mm
bore size 4mm
Outside Dia: 23mm
Number of Teeth 12
Available Belt Widths Across Teeth: 40,55,85,115,170mm

If you require any further information or sizes, please don‰۪t hesitate to contact Bearingtech.