Red Card? Not This Time!



In the modern game of Football, the majority of Premier league players tend to get bad press, through stories of inflated wages, flash cars, association with a glamorous life style surrounded by models and rappers. Sometimes there is an exception to this rule. Nemanja Matic the Serbian international Footballer who is signed to Manchester United for a cool 40 million is bucking the trend! Since having the fortune and opportunity to play professional football, Nemanja has never forgotten his roots and the people who are not as fortunate as himself. Upon hearing that fellow Serbian Dusan Todorovic, a 4-year-old boy who is suffering from Neuroblastoma, which is a rare type of cancer that mostly affects babies and young children, Nemanja decided he wanted to help. This same rare cancer tragically affected Bradley Lowery last year, touching the hearts of many Sunderland football players, fans  and the community alike.

Nemaja Matic Footballer Dusan Todorovic

Desperate Campaign

Mr Matic decided to do something after hearing of the campaign in his native Serbia about a young boy with this rare cancer. Dusan Todorovic’s treatment which is only available in Barcleona was going to be very expensive and the campaign was to raise funds to take the Todorovic family to Barcelona for the treatment of Dusan. Although Matic wanted to remain anonymous, the boy’s father found out who the mystery donor was and decided to explain to the worlds media where the very generous donation had come from.

Thanks to the Daily Mail and its competitors this story has come to light, highlighting the generosity by one individual that affects many, not only the immediate family affected in this story but also now through the publicity this cruel disease is getting.

This is not the first time that the Serbian has helped his fellow Serbians by helping in various projects, from paying village stores to help renovating a local school. Sometimes heartfelt gestures go unnoticed in a cynical world, but we at Bearingtech would like to take this opportunity to praise Nemanja Matic, one, for his generosity and two for being a great human being, we applaud you sir.

This unselfish act did not have to be made, buy like countless other donations and gifts made by professional players throughout the world it was.So remember when you hear of negative stories towards these players, also remember that there are a lot of incidents that are not made public, because these guys don’t always want to be in the public eye 24/7 and one size does not fit all.