Is education killing engineering

Bearingtech believe that eduction and creativity in combination lead to great engineering leaps forward . Without the brilliant and creative minds imagining the future, a future we cannot yet comprehend and preparing us in technological terms for this, we could perhaps struggle. If you consider the breakthroughs in prosthetics and bioengineering it would be hard to image a future without creative thinking even when only considering this one example. 

Sir Ken Robinson knighted for his contributions to education discusses education and whether it is leading to a demise in creativity? He posits; fear of failure can perhaps be considered as fear of growth or innovation. He gives a great example of this. Saying "if you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with any thing original", lets extrapolate this into a real life example of failure that leads to creativity. James Dyson in his endeavour to create his cyclone technology failed 5,126 times before succeeding. 

How do we inspire our future engineers to be happy getting it wrong so they can innovate our future? Bearingtech love engineering and our team are all passionate about it! We love nothing more than a challenge and working with customers to provide bespoke solutions to challenging engineering situations is of particular interest. We like to give these problems to our younger engineers or budding engineers to see what they come up with first, just to encourage that creative thinking. This often leads to discussion, with new fresh ideas we hadn't used in the past or even considered. This discussion is the favourite part of our work. 

Sir ken Robinson delivers a great talk, we at bearingtech love his work and feel we should share it in order to promote future generations of creative minds.

Please click the image below to watch this great video.

Sir Ken Robinson