Drone Farming

G- up for Drone Farming

Uk researchers are exploring the possibility of using 5G enabled drones tomonitor farm livestock and crops.The RoViT group from Kingston University are looking at how drones could carry out video monitoring and surveillance on Britain's farmlands across the agricultural industry.

A white drone flying over farm land

Digital Strategy

The Uk government has allocated £2.1m in backing the project. A total of £25m has been reserved for 6 SG projects throughout the UK as part of the Digital Strategy scheme to keep Britain at the forefront of this new technology.

5G is set to become the industry standard in the future, with potential speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second.

The Rovit group are looking to promote an eye in the sky for farmers, which would help protect and monitors livestock`s and crops using drones.

Financially maintaining drones can be very cost effective as the majority use electronic motors alongside thrust and miniature bearings,

Companies such as Bearingtech can supply these types of bearings alongside countless different varieties.

Using drones to monitor farmland for hours at a time currently requires a huge amount of on-board processing power.

With 5G it will make the process much easier, allowing the drone to be off loaded from an embedded system to something that could be done on a very powerful server in real time, which could be a barn or central location or even an off site venue.

The future for Britain`s farmers looks healthy albeit from the sky.