Engineering a more sustainable environment

It has been at the forefront of most documentary channels for some years now. Car manufacturers and public transport are having to work hard to comply with new rules and regulation to help promote the preservation of our atmosphere. It is widely understood that burning fossil fuels to power our country is perhaps not the most efficient and seemingly one of the most harmful. 

This great article published by Born to Engineer  highlights some of the huge steps forward we are making as a country to help sustain our planet via the use of wind farming. Im sure there is an initial carbon foot print when constructing these tall structures, but keeping them maintained and efficient should ensure that comparably, when considering the constant emission of harmful substances by the burning of coal they are a huge step forwards. 

This is a simple demonstration of how important engineering can be in our day to day lives that some of may take for granted. It somehow seems to pass many of us by just how integral engineering is in our society. I am often asked "so what sort of things do you do"? and "isn't that very niche". Well in short, No. Engineering products of the like which Bearingtech sell can be found everywhere in the home environment. From the bearing in your washing machine that can become very noisy when it needs replacing to the belt that drives your lawnmower, or the bearings that help your bicycle wheels turn and the chain that drives your children's bikes. Without the supply of engineering components everything would need to be thrown away once it stopped working, Obviously this wouldn't be good for our pockets or for our environment. 

There is a certain irony to an e-commerce business trying to increase its sales whilst highlighting the a consumerist bias within todays society but this is done from stance point that is trying to encourage us to maintain and repair what we have with the use of our products at Bearingtech.