Design and Manufacture

Bearingtech not only supply some of the worlds leading manufacturers products but can also design and manufacture custom parts, from prop-shafts to bearings with most of our manufacturing done in the UK.

Research and development is something that helps to prevent long breakdowns which we understand costs the industry millions every year. Some times older machinery isn't afforded the luxury of "off the shelf part" available for purchase. This is where our design and manufacture service comes into its own, moving quickly and working with you to supply the part needed and get you back up and running. 

We have come across a common difficulty in sizes of rod end bearings or rose joint bearings and have subsequently adapted existing bearings to quickly and economically resolve the issue. The issue seems to arise when machine manufacturers use non standard sizes with a bore and thread diameter that does not correspond. 

Our engineers can visit sites if needed to help identify your requirements. Most of the time you or your engineers know what they need and just get in touch with pictures measurements or drawings but we can work with you to get what you need manufactured.

Once the part is manufactured or adapted and you are up and running we will also supply you with any technical drawings used to commission the part making it very simple in the future if you need the part manufactured again.