Are you Shredding Lawnmower Belts?

Are you Shredding Lawnmower Belts?

Lawnmowers are usually driven by V belts. These are belts with a wedge shape that are used more widely for transmitting power between v pulleys and are ideal for lawnmowers. 

Some lawnmowers use a standard V belt with a simple construction consisting of three materials. Rubber compound, low stretch cords and fabric. However, some lawnmowers with increased power or clutch operation can benefit from belts with a higher tensile strength and resistance to oil and weather conditions.

Megadyne offer a range of belts that provide excellent performance in all of the aforementioned conditions. The body of the belt is constructed out of a CR blend of rubber. This is Chloroprene based and is resistant to oil, weather and temperature. The Chords are aramid which is better known under its trade name Kevlar, aramid chords have very high tensile strength and low stretch characteristics making them very efficient in in difficult situations.

Kevlar V Belt

A lot of Lawnmowers don't require the extra strength provided by Kevlar and function very well with the standard of the V belts.

V Belts are a wedge-shaped belt and are this shape for a reason. The corresponding pulley has a groove that is also v shaped on a concavity, this means that as the power goes through the belt it is pulled into the v groove of the pulley. It stands to reason that the greater the torque the harder the belt is pulled into the groove thus meaning it is less likely to slip when it is under greater power. 

There is a wide range of choices within the wrapped v belt range, the main difference between the top of the range wrapped belts and the Kevlar belts is the cord type. The Kevlar belts are obviously using Kevlar cords whereas the wrapped belts use a high tensile polyester cord and are only dipped in Chloroprene rather than being constructed from this material.

Gold V Belt

So… In summary what belt you require will largely be indicated by the size of pulleys you have and recommendations made by the manufacturer. However, manufacturer belts are often cheaply made belts and sold at a premium. The Kevlar belts aren’t made in the smaller sizes so this will help you identify the belt required. But, ultimately if you are still unsure which belt you require then just get in touch with us and we can help or you can use our Belt Identifier page.